We are a family of Colombians, convinced that hard and honest work obtains excellent results. That, above all, are the people and the welfare of our people, the grower, the transporter, the cleaning staff, the office staff, the analysts, the commercial staff, our clients.

We know that we are part of the economic development of the country and the world. We are a link in this great productive chain, therefore, having as a flag our corporate values and hand in hand with our people and customers; we are sure that "TOGETHER, WE WILL FLOURISH THE WORLD".


Thanks to our excellent work team, we manage to offer our customers the best quality products, with an agile shopping experience; safe and reliable.


We will be in 2025 the most recognized company in the floricultural sector for the quality of the products offered, for the competitive prices suggested to our customers and for the excellent attention of our staff, generating social welfare throughout our production and commercial process.